Iberia airlines suck!
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Posted by The owner on February 14, 2014 | Short Link

Just need to vent that Iberia airlines is the worst international carrier I have ever dealt with. Booked a JFK->PMI flight 6 months ago and so far there has been at least 8 schedule changes. How the heck do you run an airline that changes schedules that often??? What’s worse? I have to call their HQ to get “confirm” that I accept the schedule change! Their online reservations system is perpetually broken with “An error connecting with the reservations system has occurred. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to please try again after a few minutes.” That’s been there the last 3 months. Crazy I tell ya!

It has just joined Spirit Airlines on my list of NEVER FLY airlines.

On other note, Happy Valentine’s day!


We’ve moved!!!

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We recently moved from our long time hosting company – Dreamhost due to cost and need of more flexibility. Problems are still being sorted out but things will eventually settle down and I hope to be more consistent in my writings. You probably noticed the change in blogging platform as well. Serendipity was nice and all but it is a pain in the @$$ to maintain and lacks good free themes. WordPress is more commonly used and hopefully it’ll be the platform I’ll move forward with. Yes, while I could have written my own CMS system, I decided not to because again – it’ll be a PITA to maintain and lack themes especially since I’m design challenged!

Ritz Carlton – Boston
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Posted by The owner on June 23, 2012 | Short Link

Hotel : Ritz-Carlton, Boston
Chain : Marriott Preferred
Breakfast included : No.

Review :

Check in : This is Marriott’s flagship hotel in the Boston area, as such the service was impeccable. Valet parking was required and the concierge got my name as I was handing my car keys over. The receptionist is notified of my name via a headset and by the time I sat down (yes, you check in at a desk, sitting down) they have all my info in hand pulled out. Just flash my ID and credit card and off I go.

Room : I was assigned a room with a King bed overlooking the courtyard with a large walk in bathroom. There’s an attached shower area in the event I didn’t want to use the claw bath tub. Bed was comfortable although the colors are a little…. dated. Yellow walls and pin stripe wall paper accompanying light yellow sheets. The also only allow a single internet connection as well, so if you have 2 laptops you can’t have both machines online at the same time. This is when it would be necessary to bring your own Wifi access point to connect to the wired internet. Why they do this is beyond me… It rained when I stepped out for dinner and they provided an umbrella for me.

Bottom line : Excellent hotel with impeccable service. Unfortunate that a hotel as luxurious as this limits your Wifi connection.

Sheraton Prudential Center
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Posted by The owner on June 15, 2012 | Short Link

Hotel : Sheraton Prudential Center, Boston
Chain : Starwood Preferred Guest
Breakfast included : No.

Review :

Check in : Easy check in at the large reception desk. Valet parking is optional as you can self park into the Prudential garage downstairs. Standard Sheraton quality experience which is to say excellent for the type of hotel.

Room : The room I got was smaller than normal and has a queen bed. The view was good though, overlooking the central courtyard of the Prudential Center. The bed was comfortable and supportive while the room temperature was well maintained. Most hotels I stay at have inconsistent A/C functionality leading to overly cold or hot temperatures. Maybe it being part of a modern office skyrise lend credibility to the insulation, allowing for better thermostat readings.

Bottom line : The usual Sheraton consistency in service and quality.

Sheraton Framingham Hotel
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Posted by The owner on June 14, 2012 | Short Link

Hotel : Sheraton, Framingham
Chain : Starwood Preferred Guest
Breakfast included : No.

Review :

Check in : Large open space parking out front of “The Castle”. The reception area was a little cramped and smelled of damp air. It maybe a fairly large hotel with good sized meeting rooms but the reception area was definitely not designed to handle a bus load of people coming in at the same time. This hotel was designed to look like a medieval castle lending to some unique hallways.

Room : The room was not up to the usual Sheraton quality unfortunately. I blame this on the older building (which they are going to renovate by the way) needing a good amount of maintenance and modernization. The closet doors were not aligned properly thus does not close all the way. Bath tub was semi clogged and the A/C unit was noisy.

Bottom line : Truly a disappointing stay. Even if it’s an older building, I expected more of a Sheraton. I will unfortunately have to pass on returning to stay here especially with a Marriot nearby that’s much better than this.

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